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Minutes of meeting on Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Held at the Kickapoo Reserve town hall


Guests: Linda Thomas, Richard and Lois Milonczyk, Becky Zahm, Brian Copper, Koletta Steinmetz and Tom McGee.


All elected officials present: Chairman Brad Steinmetz, supervisors Myron Richard and Virgil Thomas, clerk Lonnie Muller and treasurer Bonnie Potter


Pledge of Allegiance was done


Meeting opened at 7:00 p.m. by chairman Brad Steinmetz


1.     Verification of meeting notice postings was okÕd at the following sites:

a.      Postings made at Stark town hall, La Farge State Bank,

La Farge post office, Episcope office, and bulletin board at BergumÕs Food Mart


2.     Approval of previous minutes: Motion by Richard, 2nd by Thomas to approve. all yes.


3.     Approval of Financial report and payment of bills on motion by Thomas, 2nd by Richard. All yes


4.     Citizen discussion period not to exceed 3 minutes per person unless extended by town chair: Koletta Steinmetz concerning recycling and asked if Glen Olson could pick up metal on Clean Up day and chairman advised against it. It was also stated that no one could take items out of dumpsters on clean-up days.


5.     Informational reports, if available, from chairman, supervisors, clerk, treasurer.

a.      Clean up date on Saturday, May 9th from 8 a.m. until noon, Rich and Lois Milonczyk will help out.

b.     Election workers, Anna Richard and Gail Muller, attended training at Viroqua

c.      April 14th Kickapoo Valley Development meeting at Soldiers Grove – Brad Steinmetz gave his report on the meeting: working a lot on grants at present time; Gays Mills received almost $500,000 to pay for new site for village relocation, but no money for an administrator; La Farge pre-application grant submitted for $1.5 million for extension of services at CROPP and extending into Lakeview housing area and meet electricity needs for expansion of Organic Valley who are projecting 250 more jobs and they will build another building in the future.  La Farge/Stark community building, Klemme has submitted $750,000 grant request through CDBG for building, fire dept writing $750,000 grant request through Homeland Security. Senator FeingoldÕs office encouraged fire department to apply for this Homeland Security money.  State Emergency Management says town eligible for buyout money for town hall.  Soldiers Grove is working to get a new sewerage system.  Request from Nuzum fund to give out grant to pay for applying for larger grants.  River cleanup in Crawford Co. and looking for money also. Sue Noble reported that VEDA had received $600,000 for a revolving loan fund adversely affected by flooding. Meeting June 2nd at Reserve at 2 p.m. with this group.  

    ChairmanReceived letter from Dept of Transportation that this is year for pavement rating report and will be done in the fall. He reported that NCRS is buying up floodplain crop lands, can be sold with an easement and still used for hay or switch grass, but that it ends this week.  Myron talked to Arnie and he has fixed part of the rams on the tractor.  Haugh has a small oil leak on his truck that needs fixed with estimate of $100 to $300.

6.     Old business

a.      FEMA payment updates – Nothing new

b.     Status of La Farge/Stark joint municipal building proposal – same as last night. (if not enough grant money for part of building the village would pay and then rent back to fire association) Virgil, adequate room for recycling and sand at new building? Looking out back of the building for salt and sand storage.

c.      Comprehensive Planning update – Brian Jacobs has finished housing element, Steinmetz did more on transportation element.  The committee is in the writing stage.

d.     Stimulus dollars update – towns not eligible


7.     New business

a.      Reserve Management Board recommendations, Becky Zahm has applied for another term on the Kickapoo Reserve Board – due April 24 – Chairman had received letter from governorÕs appointment secretary regarding approving individuals for persons on Reserve board.  Zahm in attendance, with resume, she stated reasons for wanting another term on the board.   Steinmetz moved to nominate, 2nd by Myron Richard. All yes.

b.     Resolution opposing proposed changes to Wisconsin prevailing wage law proposed by governor – sent by WTA - Chairman said prevailing wage resolution would apply to public works projects to $2,000 instead of the $42,000 present rate that would raise town taxes and hurt small local contractors. Motion by Steinmetz, 2nd by Richard.  All yes.

c.      WTA town officials workshop at Tomah on May 27th. 

d.     What to do about fire call at D and 82 – bill the person that started the fire was boardÕs decision.

e.      Zoning change proposals from zoning committee: Richard questioned the 2 acre lot sizes, saying some places 2 acres would not be suitable due to terrain. Motion by Richard, 2nd by Thomas to change.  All yes on voice vote, Motion passed. Clerk to set up hearing and rest of official items needed before it becomes effective.

f.      Items from annual meeting – Prices for clean-up day discussed, ½ price again. Summer hours for recycling and suggested start Wednesday after cleanup day which is May 13th and through Labor Day. Approved. Road work done this summer, will do Maple Ridge sealcoating this year and 2nd seal it next year.

g.     Reduced rates for recycled items at Spring cleanup.  Motion by Thomas, seconded by Richard for half prices.  All yes, passed


8.     Discussion of items to be placed on agenda for future meetings. None


Motion by Thomas, 2nd by Steinmetz to adjourn


Adjournment at 8:16 p.m.



Lonnie Muller, clerk

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